How Support Can Be Enforced

In Oregon, parents seeking to enforce orders for child support have a wide variety of options at their disposal. Parents can bring actions for contempt of court, petition the court for wage garnishment, and even enlist the help of state agencies. Because the range of child support enforcement methods includes taking such serious steps, parents should consult with an attorney before settling on a strategy.

Who can enforce support payments?

  • The Division of Child Support of the Dept. of Justice
  • The district attorney
  • A private attorney

How can payments be enforced?

  • Contempt proceedings
  • Garnishment of wages or bank accounts (Social security benefits, public assistance benefits, disability benefits, and worker’s compensation benefits may not be garnished.)
  • Writ of Execution against any property (ex: house, cars, cash, etc.) owned by paying parent and not in the hands of a 3rd party
  • IRS collections
  • Passport denial, revocation, or limitation
  • Stopping the transfer of any property or assets with an Action to Set Aside Fraudulent Conveyance

What if the other parent can’t be found?

There is a service available through the Oregon Department of Justice called the “Federal Parent Locator Service”. This service provides information on the whereabouts of any absent parent, to be used to enforce support obligations. Any information regarding the address, employer, income or assets of the absent parent can be provided. This service can be accessed here.